How To Set Up A Facebook Business Page That Works

Several people have recently asked me how to set-up up a Facebook Business page that works, how to get more likes (people subscribing to your page), and how to use Facebook effectively. I have a Facebook Fan page and over the last three months it has grown from 5 to 600 people who have “liked” my page and now follow my daily updates.

A common question asked is what type of account is best? A group or a fan page Groups are great for organising on a personal level and for smaller scale interaction around a cause.
Pages are better for brands, businesses, bands, movies, or celebrities who want to interact with their fans or customers without having them connected to a personal account, and have a need to exceed Facebook’s 5,000 friend cap.
A business page allows you grow an unlimited number of “likes”, send updates to an as many people as you like, and keeps the focus on the organisation and not you or the person administering the page. Facebook is constantly changing and this is an aspect that goes under some sort of change on a regular basis.

Once you go to the business page creation page (link at bottom of article) you can see options for what sort of page you might want to create. Fill out the relevant info page completely. Here you can add a click-able web address, company overview, mission, and some information about your products. You can only provide info on what Facebook asks for but there are always creative ways to add information. For example, in your company overview, you can list your website, your newsletter sign-up form, other social media, or whatever you want.

Use the FBML page to create a landing page. FBML is Facebook’s version of HTML. Facebook Business Page Scraper allows you render basic HTML in a box or tab on your page. It is not in it in your default applications, but you can find it with a search in the application directory. You can customize your setting so that instead of sending people to your wall, as most people do, you send them to your landing page or sales page with whatever message you want to provide. For example, you can give a short description of your organisation and tell people to click the “like” button.

This is one of those things you may not think about at first, but which can greatly increase your Facebook usefulness. A landing page is great direct marketing option. Use your tabs wisely. If you think of a Facebook page as a secondary website for your business, you’ll realize that the tabs at the top of the page are like site navigation. You can have a tab for your newsletter, a tab for donations, a tab for products, etc. How? With that nifty FBML application.